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First time puppy owner?

Here are some things that I recommend having before bringing your puppy home.

Healthy dog food, treats and supplements are so important to the development and health of your puppy/dog. Click Here for my recommendations.

This type of food bowl keeps pups and dogs from flipping over their food or water. If pup is eating food too quickly, the puzzle/slow feeders are great too!

Crate training is great for helping with potty training. This should be a safe place for your puppy and they learn to like sleeping in their crate. Be sure to buy a size that they can use once they are grown. Most come with a divider.

  • Get more sleep! Helps with crate & kennel training by reducing barking, whining and anxiety for your dog, helping YOU sleep at night

  • EASY TO USE - Industry leading “Real-Feel” heartbeat with 2 modes; AAA batteries and simple to use Heat Pack included

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It is important to have plenty of toys for your puppy to play and chew on. 

Your preference of dog collar is fine, just stay away from the plastic type and be sure it is adjustable and don's leave it on puppy when in crate. 

Dog Beds

Kuranda pet beds are orthopedic, chew proof, and easy to clean!

Choosing a comfortable and adjustable harness is a great tool for walking your puppy/dog. 

A leash that is not too heavy and has a comfortable grip for you is a must have!

Puppy Training
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Training is a very important part of raising a puppy/dog. I have partnered with Baxter & Bella to offer my new puppy owners a discount on online puppy training classes! Use code HOLLYSPRINGFARM to get 25% discount off the lifetime membership.


Other items:

Find a reputable veterinarian that is familiar with the breed. Make an appt. to bring your new puppy in within 72 hours of pick up date. Be sure to ask what he or she recommends for flea and tick prevention, heart-worm prevention, and vaccines. I personally only use the natural flea and tick spray from PawTree or the Seresto collar. My dogs get the ProHeart 6 month heart-worm prevention shot. As puppies, I recommend Intercepter plus monthly tablets until they are full grown.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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